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  • Setting up the MYSTAT potentiostat for development

    While searching for an open-source potentiostat, I found the blog, and discovered another home scientist, Daniel, working on (flow) batteries, who had been experimenting with various open source potentiostats from the literature. I reached out, and Daniel and I shared a PCB assembly order for this MYSTAT potentiostat. More details on Daniel’s blog! To […]

  • I’m building a home lab

    I feel very “behind” on things right now. I defended my PhD in January 2022, and I am still, a year and a half later, in the process of converting some of the chapters to publications. I don’t even want to be a traditional academic but I want to get this work “out” and clear […]

  • Hello, world

    I am starting a blog/website for a few reasons, both well-considered and poorly defined: Right now, I see this space mostly being about homebrew flow battery experiments, politics (interpret that as you wish), and the solidarity economy. It will evolve, and I will try to tag and categorize things appropriately so people can skip what […]