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Setting up the MYSTAT potentiostat for development

While searching for an open-source potentiostat, I found the blog, and discovered another home scientist, Daniel, working on (flow) batteries, who had been experimenting with various open source potentiostats from the literature. I reached out, and Daniel and I shared a PCB assembly order for this MYSTAT potentiostat. More details on Daniel’s blog!

To run the control software GUI from source, I had to modify the code, which is here. I’ve never used Qt before and it took me a while to get my build environment ready.

I’m using KDE Neon, which is based on Ubuntu. With a combination of conda and pip, I installed pyqtgraph, pyqt, pyusb, and separately, the libusb package from a tarball.

I finally managed to run the app from source and connect it to the potentiostat!

The python installation on my computer is a mess now.

Now to set up some electrodes and electrolyte solutions for some voltammetry tests.






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